Martin McArdle offers some advice for how to choose and use the right colors in your home. When it comes to decorating ideas, it can be challenging to choose the right paint color. It is an important decision as the paint colour will set the mood for the space and will dictate how the room will feel.

Get the Advantage of Brilliant Home Decorating Ideas to Grace Your Home

The list of home decorating idea is endless and it can be very difficult to settle on a scheme that is right for you and your abode. This is especially true if you want to take a step away from the traditional and ordinary and go with something fresh, innovative, appealing, and smart. It takes more than skill to be able to put together all of the elements, such as wall paper, paint colours, and so on to create a masterpiece of a home; it takes creativity and insight. Moreover, when it comes to the professional you choose for supplying you with home decorating ideas, you want someone willing to listen to your needs and honor your tastes.

At McArdle Painting, we offer the following tips to bear in mind for your next project.
1.    Colour scheme
Decide whether you want to use one colour scheme throughout the entire interior, or change it from room to room. Some clients prefer to have continuity throughout the entire space and in that case we usually decide on one or two colors throughout the house, and then mix in other accent colors. When choosing a colour scheme, you’ll need to refer to your flooring, fabric, wallpaper, and trim samples constantly. Be sure to take samples with you wherever you go.

2.    Colour Combinations
Different colour combinations compliment one another and this is also dependent on the space in question. For example, grays are very popular at present and this colour works well with blue in relaxed living spaces. White, yellow and greens are still popular choices for kitchen areas. Bold colours certainly make a statement but be mindful that you may tire of bold colors quickly. I would suggest the alternative of using a bold colour as an accent if you really are keen on choosing a bold colour for your space.
3.    Colour and Lighting 
It is always advisable to place your colour samples in two places: a dark place and next to a window. Before making your decision, ensure you look at them at different times during the day and at night.

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