It goes without saying that the most important factor in choosing wallpaper is choosing a pattern you like and are comfortable with.¬†You must also ensure that the chosen pattern works in the particular room that you plan to redecorate.¬†Unfortunately, even after you have given careful consideration to your wallpaper choice, you still don’t know how it’s actually going to look after you cover the whole wall.

At McArdle Painting, we offer the following simple tips when choosing wall paper:

  • When you choose your wallpaper, before purchasing it, get as big a piece of it as possible and tape it to the wall. Live with it for at least a week and ask: Do the colours go with everything in this room?
  • Vertical stripes or patterns heighten the ceiling.
  • Horizontal stripes or patterns widen a room and bring ceilings down.
  • Large patterns tend to overpower small spaces and make them appear even smaller. Alternatively, opt for a large open pattern in a larger space.
  • Dark patterns and colours can make a room seem smaller too. Conversely, wallpaper with a light background makes a room look larger.
  • A paper with a small pattern suits smaller dimensions.



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